Welcome to UK in Europe.

We are a group dedicated to bringing together people from all over the UK who would like to see the UK in the EU. 

Our aims are:

  1. To organise the pro-European movement created by the interest over the EU Referendum and the Remain camp.
  2. To prevent or moderate Brexit through democratic means.
  3. In the event of full exit, to found a Centrist political party devoted to returning the UK to EU membership.

We aim to do this by providing a place that answers the question "what next?", asked by many Remainers after the EU Referendum. 

We have a forum, which is the best place for discussions.  We try to post any useful news we think might be important, as well as useful resources.  If you register, you can also fill out a profile that will allow us to approach you with any events or news happening in your area. 

This website is under construction and funded by volunteers.  Please bear with us. 


Liberal Democrats Pledge To Stop Brexit

Tim Farron
The Liberal Democrats will stand at the next general election on a platform of derailing Brexit and keeping Britain in the European Union, the party has announced.

March For Europe

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Please take part in the March For Europe on the 2nd of July.  The main Facebook group is here:

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Help Wanted

We need help.

This website is mainly the work of one person and a few others who have donated time and resources. 

If you would like to help with content, social media or in running a committee, please contact the admin using either the contact form or the forums. 


As you can see, the website is slowly settling down and building up a bit of content.  If you have any interesting content you'd like to share with us, please get in touch with us, either using the forums or the contact form on the website (link at the bottom of the page).