About Us

On the 23rd of June, the UK voted narrowly to leave the European Union.

For those of us who voted Remain, this was a profound shock and disappointment.  As the outpouring of grief and shock has spread over social media, it has become apparent that, as the losers of the first EU referendum organised to take the UK out of Europe, we need to organise ourselves to take ourselves back into Europe.

Whether it involves fighting the current referendum vote through Parliament or accepting the referendum result and pushing for a return, we don't yet know.  However, it is clear that this issue is greater than any one political party and requires those of us who believe passionately in the European Union to stand together to fight for the UK's membership of the European Union.

That's why I've created this website.  I don't know if this organisation is the way to do it, but many Remainers have been asking me "What next?".  "Where do we go and get information about what happens next?"  "Who can we talk to?"  This is my answer.  I hope it proves useful. 

-Elizabeth Kasprzyk