Legal Challenges to Brexit

Some banners at the recent protest.

The BBC has an interesting article on whether the law can stop Brexit.  It talks about the legal issues surrounding Brexit and gives at least three ways in which Brexit might be stopped, although each has issues in its own way.

The first, that the Prime minister cannot take the UK out of Europe without an Act of Parliament, has already generated a legal challenge by a group of lawyers who want to make sure a parliamentary vote happens.  This will force MPs to vote on the issue.  Though most MPs have said that they will stand by the referendum result, the referendum result is not legally binding and MPs can overturn it in a vote.  The Liberal Democrats have already pledged to do so.  The willingness of a party to engage or not enage the Article 50 trigger may become the most important issue, should there be a General Election soon. 

The second issue concerns Scotland, who could put a brake on proceedings by voting down the EU Referendum result

The third concerns the on-line petition created before the referendum, calling for a second referendum if the vote is narrow.  This has generated over 4 million votes.  Were the number to reach that of everyone who voted Remain and then exceed it, this could significantly change the landscape.  This forms the basis of one of our campaigns. 

The New European

New European website

The New European, a new pro-European pop-up newspaper, will be launched on Friday costing £2. 


A new “pop-up” national newspaper aimed at British voters who backed the campaign to remain in the EU will be launched this week, on the 8th of July. 

The New European will go on sale on Friday priced at £2 and will target what publisher Archant says is the “dismayed and disenfranchised” proportion of the UK population that voted against Brexit.

The newspaper aims to target the disenfranchised 48% of the EU Referendum vote. 


Polls Breakdown

Breakdown of voting by age and background.

An interesting poll by Lord Ashcroft's Polls breaks down the voting pattern for the EU Referendum vote. 

The polls show various features, including the breakdown by age (younger voters predominantly voted to Remain) and economic background (poorer voters were overwhelmingly in favour of Leave). 

Other interesting results show the breakdowns in reasons why people voted the way they did, including revealing that migration was not the number one concern of Leave voters, but rather the desire to see British institutions make decisions about British policies.

Tens of Thousands March in London

Placard at the protest.

Tens of thousands of people marched in London in response to Brexit.  The estimated figure has been put at 30,000. 

People congregated at Park Lane, where they held aloft witty placards with statements like "No Brex Please: We're British" and "Even Baldrick Had A Plan", before marching the route to Parliament Square, where they rallied and heard from speakers like Tim Farron and Bob Geldof. 

Along the route, protesters played on the word EU, singing songs like "I will always love EU", as well as Abba's SOS and many dressed in blue and gold, as the event organiser, Mark Thomas, had asked. 

March For Europe

Event banner

Please take part in the March For Europe on the 2nd of July.  The main Facebook group is here:

From the site:

Thousands of us will gather at 11:00am on Park Lane and march to Parliament Square as part of a peaceful protest for Europe.

We'll walk to Parliament Square where artists, spoken word poets, and many more will take to the stage to share their support.

Important: We want to create a sea of blue and gold in solidarity with Europe. Please wear these colours, bring musical instruments, flags, and banners. Be creative!

We will be marching to show love and compassion for a kinder Europe.

The march will be meeting near Hyde Park tube station on Park Lane.  It looks like it might be sunny according tot he BBC. 

Please note the event organisers are looking for stewards.  If you can help, please arrive earlier at the event at 10:15am.